Rosehip Oil: An Ingredient Deep-Dive

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Brighten up.

Ingredient deep dive: ROSEHIP OIL
We're about to get nerdy.

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What makes it a skin superfood?
Rosehip oil has really high levels of vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants. Translation: It's rich in all the age-fighting ingredients that get skin glowing.

Rosehip oil also:
 Brightens skin
 Fights signs of aging
 Balances out excess oil production
 Smells delicious!

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Where does rosehip oil come from?
It's extracted from the fruit just below the rose flower and then cold-pressed into an oil. 

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Why we're in love with rosehip oil.
Rosehip oil is one of our absolute favorite anti-aging ingredientsIt's an ultra-hydrating oil with a cult following for its ability to nourish, soothe and brighten skin.

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Add some rosehip to your routine

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