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“Our community is our core. It's why we develop the products we do. I'm excited to share the brand with you, listen to your feedback and see you share it with your crew.”

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What it means: Be one of our #facesofonekind sharing what you love with your community and ours.

Our values: Play the most important role of building connections and celebrating what makes every person truly one of a kind.

Crew Perks: Get a set of Onekind deluxe samples, exclusive early access to launches, Onekind swag and major perks to share with your own crew.


“I looked in the mirror the other day and realized my skin was... glowing? Which, if you know my history, is truly shocking. I've battled with my skin forever, and I'm usually less glowy and more oily/flaky/splotchy/spotty. I started using products a few weeks ago and I really think they're the secret. So I want to share them with YOU!”
- @lovelyindeed

“I’ve been using this for a bit now, and it’s fab. It’s thick and rich and hydrating. It’s water based but also has many beautiful seed oils to hydrate skin and lock in moisture so you wake up with hydrated and soft skin... Yes to this!”