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I spent about a week testing increasingly larger spots on my skin to be sure there would be no break outs. I had no adverse effects even using it daily, which is a HUGE deal as I have really bad luck with trying new products. It feels good going on, and while it’s too early to tell definitively how it’s doing, I think positive results are starting to show. However I don’t understand what other people are smelling that’s so good? To me it has a very strong peppery or even ashy smell that was really hard to overcome initially. I’m a little more used to it now but I kind of have to brace for it. If you’re sensitive to scents, proceed with caution.

Just buy it!

I don’t write reviews. But I had to for this. My first purchase after getting a sample in a subscription box. Just do it - and at $26 who could go wrong. It’s easy, quick and the only thing that gently gets rid of my flakes with chemicals. Yay!!

Truly a Dream Cream

I have dry, sensitive skin and have trouble finding moisturizers I actually like or feel like are effective. This one is it for me! My skin feels so hydrated and soft and it has such a subtle smell, I’m obsessed. So glad this sample came in my Birchbox!

PM Power Couple
Veronica King
Needed facial support

Wonderful duo with amazing results in little time. My skin looks great!

Love love this

Have been using this and the midnight magic for several weeks now. It agrees with my skin no breakouts or irritation. A little bit goes a long ways so not much is needed. It soaks right in with. No stickiness or residue feeling. Next I want to try the day cream. My order was quickly shipped out so that was nice.

Can’t live without it .

I found dream cream while shopping at an island in British Columbia (Northern SanJuan Island). While waiting in line to be checked out, a lady rushed into the room and wanted to know if they sold Dream Cream. The clerk replied no, but then told her where to find it on the island. The clerk checked me and my sister out , then we followed the customer to find out what the big deal was with Dream Cream. At first we had trouble ordering it, because we lived in Seattle, we had to order it as an import. All the clearances and paperwork made it hard to purchase. There wasn’t a web site to go to, shopping on line was still unknown !!!
To make a long story short…As time went on I almost forgot about it. My skin changed after having radiation for breast cancer. I’m happy to use it again with no hassle. Now my face feels good again. All the hassle is gone due to to a website. Thank you for bringing Dream Cream back into my life. It’s the best. When I purchased Dream Cream years ago. I bought it in a little boutique store. In her display there was a (roll on ) that you rolled down your spine to give you pain relief. Was wondering if it is still available. Thank you again Matt and Madison.

Best I’ve ever tried!

I look forward to applying Dream Cream every night before bed. It’s like a reward for a hard days work! I’m so happy I found Dream Cream!

Love love dream cream

Where has this been all my life??? I have very dry skin and fine wrinkles under my eyes and this product is simply amazing at hydrating and somethings the wrinkles. I use it morning and night. My makeup goes on much smoother. I’m just in love!

Awesome moisturizer!

Love dream cream! Feels great going on, my skin feels soft and moisturized when I wake up in the morning. I might use this during the day too as it is not heavy, feels so good, I love how my skin feels when I use this. Truly a dream cream!

Midnight Magic PM Serum
Michele Stegeman
Fantastic product!

I received my Onekind night moisturizer and retinol in the past few weeks and have been amazed at how quickly I have seen changes in my skin -- fine lines fading, skin clearer and brighter. I couldn't be happier with m purchase and intend to keep using. Thank you for inventing such great products!

Fantastic Glow!!

I have difficult skin and this product is a game changer. Makes my skin glow. It’s not oily and pairs nicely with Dream Cream. I went from having problem skin to getting compliments on how good my skin looks for my age!

Dream Cream Night Moisturizer

It is the best lotion I’ve found that truly moisturizes my face and keeps it soft! I don’t just wear it at nighttime either. I wear it in the morning before I put my makeup on. I use it after I wash my face no matter what time of day. I highly recommend it!

Makes my eyes swell

I have been using this 1-2 times daily since receiving it on 12/09/21 - so, not very long. Unfortunately, it seems to exacerbate the rather pronounced under-eye puffiness. I do believe that the rather severe grey-purple-black under rings have improved somewhat. I plan to continue using it until it is empty so that I can rate it better. I will update this review at that time. I do agree with others that the pump design gives too much and it is difficult to alter that, so it is somewhat wasteful. I do very much like the way it feels and stays put in the daytime. At night I have issues as I do get a bit of dry-eye from it, though not nearly as bad as many brands. So it must migrate somewhat during the night (yes, I was diagnosed with dry-eye syndrome after bad eye accidents many years ago, though it is not bad now compared with its severity originally.)
So I am on the fence about it - there are things I like and things I do not. I just wish it would have brought down the swell beneath my eyes. It is possible it simply cannot compete with the pollen fecundity of the tropics where I live. I have no idea. One further note: my eyes can stay swollen even with Ch.'s $260/.05 oz. yeux treatment, with only a little improvement - maybe. So take this into consideration. You may have lovely results. I have difficult eyes.

Best facial oil!

I first received this in the Rachel Zoe subscription box, I loved it so much I had to order more for me and a few for my friends. This is by far the best skin care item I’ve used for my face! It leaves my skin glowing and well hydrated!

Why can't every product have a pump?

Really Amazing

I received this product in my CURATEUR subscription box and was blown away by how it made my skin feel and look. I did not expect to be able to use a skin oil daily but this absorbs quickly, provides all-day, long-lasting hydration, wears well under my makeup (or if I don't need to look 'done', it makes my skin look great without make-up, too), and quickly became an essential part of my skincare routine. The bottle lasted months and as it started to run low, I knew I couldn't go without it. Ultimately, I decided to order the one.of.everything kit next because this face oil was so dang good and I can't wait to try the rest of the line!

Best cream of ya life

I got this as a sample in my Birchbox & now I’m addicted. I have pretty sensitive skin and normally hesitant for trying new skin care products. I recently moved to California & my skin has been so incredibly dry. This makes your skin feel baby smooth, ultra hydration & glowy. You just wake up feeling so good about your skin!


I am a big AHA BHA fanatic and absolutely need a product for my skincare routine. After searching throughout Ulta ad Sephora, I was not able to find a better AHA BHA product considering price and effectiveness. My skin's texture and evenness have improved greatly. I'd be happy to buy this again once I run out.


I absolutey LOVVVE this cream, I got the sample size in one of my ipsy bags, and I'm addicted!!! I absolutey will be buying this for the rest if my life!! It makes your fave feel amazing, and when you wake up your face just glows I highly recommend this product!!! I give it 19 ⭐'s !!!!

Game Changer

This is the first under eye product that I've found that actually produces noticeable results. Within the first month, the darkness under my eyes vanished, the skin became tighter and wrinkles less noticeable. Can't recommend this more!

New favorite

Recently added this to my regimen in the morning and it’s made such a difference! Feels great going on, provides a nice glow and smells delish. Highly recommend.

One. Of. Everything.
Jennifer Weiser
Threw everything else away

My friend was in town and shared the face oil. I loved it. I decided to bite the bullet and go for one of everything. I LOVE the products and how they work together. I can see and feel a difference in my skin texture. Even though I am older, my skin can still breakout when I use the wrong product. All is well with One Kind.

Great Combo!

This combo is great especially during the winter time when my skin gets really dry!

Wonderful Moisturizer!

I've been using OneKind products for over a year now and I love the results! This daily moisturizer is wonderful and keeps my face feeling soft all day long. It's light, non-greasy, and rubs right in. You literally only need a penny-sized drop to cover your whole face. A little goes a long way!


I have waited awhile to write this. This is a cream I will not live without. Plumps my skin. Heals small imperfections. I use a small amount sometimes as a primer. Love it!