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Dream Cream

I have been using Dream Cream for a little over two weeks. I have sensitive skin and am hesitant to try new products, but I have had no issues with this moisturizer. I like that it is not too heavy or greasy; it doesn't just sit on the skin. My face feels softer and I can tell it is much more hydrated. I will be recommending this product to others!

Dream cream

This stuff is awesome ❤ I wake up in the morning and my skin is silky smooth. Highly recommend buying this!

I didn't see any improvement/difference

I was very disappointed not to see any improvement in the texture of my skin. In fact, I get better results using my body lotion. So I am on the hunt for a vegan skincare routine that will positively impact my skin.

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Really Works

I usually wake up with dry dehydrated skin but not when I apply the Dream Cream Nighttime moisturizer. My skin feels well hydrated and soft in the morning. This cream has worked better than any others I’ve tried.

Dream cream

I’ve been using the dream cream nightly for almost two weeks. I love this cream. It’s doing more in less than two weeks than anything else I’ve tried! Can’t wait to see what my skin looks like in the next month! I have a ways to go and hoping to see more results! I want to try the day cream!

Dream Cream is a Dream!

Great product! Love the scent and texture. It is not too heavy or greasy and is very moisturizing. My skin looks smoother and brighter in the morning.

good produce

Very smooth and moisturizing. My skin feels softer and looks less splotchy in the morning.

Works well!

I received a free sample. This moisturizer helped with my dry, winter skin! I was having issues with dryness around my mouth and it cleared up when I started using this.


I probably should use it awhile longer before I review; however, so far, I like it. It is smooth and creamy, and does the job. I would buy this again, but it is a little pricey for me if buying full price.

Very Smooth

I've been using Onekind nighttime cream every night. It makes my skin feel very smooth and dewey! I have noticed a difference every morning - my skin feels softer!

Nice cream

I received a free sample .I liked the moisturizer and it did seem to minimize my pores, but I did have a few small breakouts. IIt was not greasy and it had nice nice sent.


Such a nice feeling. I look forward to putting this on before bed each night

Love this night cream

Lo e lo e love this night cream, my face looks bright and smooth in the morning. I will become a loyal costumer for now on ❤️💜

Nice Cream

I had not heard of the Dream Cream before when I had seen an advertisement with a discount code. I thought that I would give it a try. I'm really impressed. It's a lovely nighttime cream and smells great. It's good in that it's lightweight, but I can also tell that it's giving my face the moisture that it needs to repair during the night. The tube I think is a little small for the price. I'd love for it to be bigger and then maybe also offer a smaller travel size or something. Overall, I can see this becoming a permanent part of the nightly beauty routine. I'd recommend to anyone who wants a nice face cream to wear at night that doesn't go on greasy but still moisturizes.

Excellent moisturizer!

non-greasy, deeply moisturizing, light fresh scent. My face instantly feels soothed after putting it on. Highly recommend this Dream Cream Nighttime Moisturizer. Not only is the product amazing, but the onekind ingredient and manufacturing philosophy is just as important to me. This is my first purchase and I'm looking forward to discovering more onekind products.


It's worth the money! I'm 31 with very sensitive and dry skin that normally flakes off all year, especially in winter. It leads to acne cysts and uneven healing. This night cream has cleared up my skin in a few weeks - I actually saw a difference within three days. The flaking is almost gone. The acne is gone gone. My skin looks healthy!


I saw a promotion to get a free tube of the Dream Cream Nighttime Moisturizer, so I figured, why not? I’m getting older and trying to find the ‘right’ products for my sensitive skin. The first night I used this, my skin felt so soft and smooth…and it looked great in the morning as well. I have been using it since and am very happy with the results. Highly recommend!

Great night time moisturizer

I purchased this moisturizer on a whim and have really like it so far! It's creamy without being oily and appears to moisturize my face without leaving it dry. I put it on after my night time serum and have had good results so far!

Best cruelty free night cream ever

The dream cream is absolutely amazing, it's my holy grail for night time skincare. The smell isn't overwhelming, it's light and natural. What I love most is what it does for my skin. My skin has never looked and felt so great until using this product and I'll never use another night cream.
The mega multitasker however is the reason for 3 stars. I was thrilled to see this product for a day time moisturizer and couldn't wait to try it. It's lighter formula I like for daytime skincare routine especially if I'm wearing it under makeup. It does absorb well for a decent under makeup moisturizer. However, the smell is SOOO bad, it smells rancid. If you've ever had a beauty oil go rancid that's what this smells like. Because of how expensive it is I will use it but likely will not buy it again. It also lacks an SPF which I feel is an absolute must have for daytime moisturizer. If Onekind comes out with a new daytime moisturizer with SPF and without the bad smell I would 100% try it.

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Great Facial Oil!

I recieved the OneKind Facial oil in a Rachel Zoe Curateur box and fell in love with it as part of the skincare routine! I use every night to hydrate as well as love the smell of facial oil. I like so much I purchased a subscription not to run out.

Exceeding my expectations!

I love this light and not greasy feeling nighttime moisturizer. Really feels like it sinks in deeply and doesn’t leave my pillowcase with any residue from my nighttime routine. Really enjoy this natural and moisturizing cream.

Amazing purchase

So far I love this moisturizer. It’s a lovely night cream. I would recommend to anyone looking specifically for a night cream. I am planning on buying again after I finish this tube.

So far I love it

I have dry skin and this overnight moisturizing makes me skin feel so smooth and hydrated. I think this cream will now be added to my typical routine.

Just WOW

I had an offer to try OneKind Dream Cream at a deep discount. As I was checking out, I received an offer to try Mega Multitasker at a discount, as well. I thought, "Eh, why not?" I neve thought I'd see such a difference in my skin using these two products. The persistent acne on my chin is nearly gone and the flaky patches on my cheeks are healed. Most impressive, though, is the calming effect on my skin. My face has been irritated, red & ruddy for years. NO product has helped this issue and I never left the house without foundation. My skin is clearer and calmer now, with much less redness. I am able to use less makeup and let my skin shine through. I can't wait to try more products from OneKind.

Dream cream

Only been using nightly for a week but already can see a difference in my skin especially in a picture. I need a little more time before ordering something else but glad I took a chance on the special paying only the shipping charge. Well worth that!