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I've been using this for at least a year and I love it.

Highly satisfied

I love skincare products and have tried a lot of different lines. This is the first time I liked and will continue to use every product from a single line. OneKind is high quality and reasonably priced, and I've really liked the way my skin has looked and felt since I got the one of everything kit.

After using the Dream Cream Nighttime moisturizer for many months and loving it, I decided to try the All-Day moisturizer. I am on my second tube of it and really love it! It is so hydrating and not at all greasy or heavy. My skin is really benefitting from both of these creams. I am 56 years old and have my share of fine lines. I know these creams (as well as the GlowGetter Serum and the Midnight Magic PM serum) have been making a wonderful difference. The lines are finer and less noticeable and my skin is so comfortable hydrated. A lot of moisturizers for aging skin are too heavy for my liking. This day cream feels so good and immediately hydrates. Love it!!

Gentle on my skin

All of products are gentle on my sensitive skin. I have always broken out easily, but these products moisturize without causing breakouts.


Incredible hydration! After a summer of sun and swimming, my skin feels rejuvenated with the Dream Cream!

Great Products

High quality face care at a reasonable price!

Love, love, love!

From very 1st time I tried it, amazing!


My skin has a different feel when I wake up after putting this on at night. It feels moisturized and looks a little brighter. I have several nighttime products that I rotate through, and each is different. I use this one when I'm feeling dry and need my skin to soak in some lovely ingredients for a happy face the next day.

Absorbs well

I have only used this a few times but I like the way it goes on. Seems to be an excellent value.

The PeRfEcT night moisturizer

I buy a lot of skincare products…a lot. I’m constantly on the quest for something that ticks all my boxes. I have combination skin, do a balance of retinol/BHA/AHA night masks, and have dialed in my cleansing and sunscreen favorites after years of trying different brands.

But you know how sometimes you want a moisturizer for your face that’s just a little more luscious? This is it. It’s like a love smoothie of really gentle yet effective ingredients that my skin drinks in. Yet it absorbs quickly and my skin still feels hydrated when I wake up. I often use it after I wash my face after a workout, or just when I want a little more than a simple moisturizer. It’s super versatile and I predict it’ll be in my skincare lineup for as long as they make it.

Buy it, totally worth it.

Holy Grail Moisturizer

I’ve been looking for a simple, hydrating night cream forever and this is it! Clean ingredients, cruelty-free and easy to dispense. I’m on my second tube and definitely don’t plan to switch anytime soon.

Love it

Gives my skin a great glow, wonderful smell and feels especially light. My teenager is now stealing it from me, too!

One. Of. Everything.
Brooke McKay
Great products!!

Absolutely love everything. would highly recommend the "one of everything"!

Great addition to my skincare routine!

Second time buying this. Creates a healthy glow to my skin, evening out my skin tone and overall appearing healthier. I have dry skin so the oily texture feels good on my face without being greasy and helps moisturize.

My face is glowing!

I received my full set last week and have been using every day: am/pm. Today the barista at my coffee shop said my skin was glowing. I told them it must be OneKind. Love it!

Day Glow Duo
Gray Lamb
I use this daily!

I love this combo and I use both of these everyday. The serum is lightweight with a really pleasant, fresh smell. The lotion is moisturizing without being heavy and feels great under my sunscreen. I tend to have very sensitive skin and many things break me out, but both of these work great with my skin and don’t give me breakouts at all. I’ve bought both of these at least three times over because of how much I like them.

Worth a try

My experience with this oil has been good so far. I have not experienced any breakouts, and my skin feels plumper and less dry in the mornings. However, it doesn't absorb very easily, even when when my skin is slightly moist from the shower. The fragrance is natural, but quite strong (in my opinion), which has taken some getting used to. However, it does deliver on its promise of extra glow and hydration.


Great texture, goes on light and smooth! The smell is a bonus. Now a staple in my morning routine

Day Glow Duo
Claire Hentges
Love the night products not the day products.

I really love the night products but not they day products. The scent is a little strong and my skin does not feel moisturized.

Great Glow & Hydration

I tried a bottle of Golden State Nourishing Oil and immediately noticed my skins texture was drastically improved. I use it daily am & pm. What is great about this product, is that I can go makeup free because it gives me the healthy glow I was looking for!

Light & Hydrating

I have tried many under eye serums and creams. My preference are serums like pep squad because I can softly dab it into my skin without the use of rubbing. It’s light, not sticky, easily absorbs, doesn’t break out my skin and has little to no scent. Packaging is simple, allows for easy travel and the pump is a nice feature for easy dispensing.

Day Glow Duo
Jenny S.
Great daytime routine

Glow serum is my favorite! Absorbs really well, and I can see the results after a few weeks. Lotion is good, but not amazing, probably won't get again for the price.

Glow Getter C E Serum
Maura McGrath
Visible results in one month

I have been using this serum morning and night every day since September 1, and I am amazed by how clear the difference to my skin it has made. I had been using the same products for close to three years and decided it was time to revamp my routine. This serum had rave reviews across various sites so I thought to test it out. I switched my whole routine over gradually, product by product, over the course of two months in order to evaluate how my skin reacted, and so I can say with confidence that the change this serum on its own has brought to my skin is astounding. I truly am glowing! Three weeks in I did break out, though I imagine it was just my skin adjusting to the new routine as it cleared up completely a week later (for reference, I am acne prone with combination skin). I highly recommend this serum to anyone looking for a boost. It is worth every penny!

Dream cream

This is my first purchase from Onekind. I love the dream cram. I will definitely be trying other products.

Favorite new face oil

So this is my new favorite face oil by far. I use it morning and night, and just love seeing the difference on my skin. At 45, face oils are my new best friends.