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I look awake!

I was already in love with the moisturizer and recently added the serum to my morning routine. I notice it gives my skin an instant pick-me-up and after a few weeks I've noticed fading on some dark spots. I like that both are really lightweight and absorb fast. I hate when product just sits on your skin so this is the perfect day time pair for me!

Fantastic moisturizer!

This is my favorite moisturizer! Perfect for my combination skin! Light, but hydrating!


I originally received a sample tube of this night cream in an Ipsy bag - I loved it so much, I immediately ordered some from OneKind. It left my dry, rough skin soft and nourished within the first few uses. It is gentle and does not leave a heaviness on my face. I am able to use it in combination with my serums and oils and it doesn’t build up and leave a residue behind. Try it, you won’t regret it. 🖤

good daily moisture

I tried the night cream in an IPSY bag months ago and decided to give the brand a try. I opted for the day time moisturizer. Its lovely. I may like the nighttime one better mainly because of the scent difference but not enough to switch right now. The day time moisturizer has almost no scent and a little goes a long way. I use it daily and am happy with it.

So glad I found this!

I received a sample in an Ipsy bag and fell in love. I’m over 40 with combination skin and have never found a moisturizer that didn’t eventually trigger a breakout. I use Dream Cream as a nighttime and daytime moisturizer (and it takes so little product to do the job that the container lasts a long time! -even with twice daily application). I had that one week every month when my skin went haywire, super-dry and itchy but somehow still oily and pimple prone. I no longer have to dread that week. With this cream my skin stays hydrated and clear all month & throughout all seasons. I can say with confidence that everyone should try this cream, no matter your age or skin type.

These products make me glow

So, I was on a zoom call and hadn't been able to put on makeup prior. Feeling naked and uncomfortable until a colleague mentioned how beautiful and glowy my skin looked. She mentioned that I look great without makeup (don't worry, it was appropriate for the context). Thanks OneKind. That was nice.

It absorbs quickly

It absorbs super quickly. My face feel hidrated!

Is not oily

Even though is an oil it absorbs super quickly and the next morning my face a beautiful glow.

New skin routine

I loved the night cream so I added this to my order. I use this on days I decide not to use night cream day and night. Light. Leaves my skin soft and happy

Love love love

Best night cream. My face is super soft! Smells great too! I use it night and day!

Awesomeness in a tube ✨

I’ve been an esthetician for over fifteen years and why no one has thought to create a product like this before astounds me! You combine the pore clearing and skin smoothing benefits of pink clay and AHA’s, and get the smart girls trick to smoother skin. One and done! This has a permanent place in my skin arsenal.


I am loving this stuff especially the night duo. The serums have an interesting smell that I am not sure I like but I can get past it because I love the product. I usually have a reaction after using serums for a while but so far no reaction.
I am amazed with all five of the products...love them.

This product was great

I love this face mask. It is amazing.

Best Nighttime Moisturizer Ever!

I am very picky about my moisturizer, but this one is great! It's very effective without feeling heavy, and it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. I love the smell, too; not "medicine-y" at all. I will be putting this moisturizer and the nighttime serum on auto-ship!

I really like this night cream. It gives moisture without the oily feeling or look to your skin. Will definitely be a returning customer.

Great night cream

I love this night cream. It goes on smooth & isn’t think or lumpy. It has a very nice light smell. I would highly recommend this cream.

Very Hydrating

I especially like the soothing feel of this cream. I used to used rose hip oil to top off my nightly routine but switched to this, which also has that. My skin never feels dry in the morning, even during this winter. I do plan to buy regularly.

skin feeling so so smooth

i’ve been using it for about a week and my skin feels SO smooth. it’s not super heavy but there is a white cast (i used too much so a little goes a long way)


So far, so good. Love each product.

Great products!

Love these products. I use the serum and cream every night before bed and wake up still feeling perfectly moisturized. I’ve noticed a more even tone in my complexion, too. Definitely recommend!

Amazing Products!

I purchased the One.Of.Everything package because of the incredible deal/value! These products are truly wonderful and I’m already seeing a difference in my skins appearance! I would recommend these products to anyone in need of a new skin routine :)


Love the light weight consistency, great product!

Great Product

So smooth and love the natural scent!

This stuff is amazing! My Dream Cream Nighttime Moisturizer works like magic when I use in conjunction with this PM serureally helps the moisturizer soak in and I wake with refreshed feeling skin, not tight and dry feeling! It's truly a dream.

Smoothing, hydrating

If you love the smell of OneKind's Golden State Nourishing Facial Oil, you will LOVE this too! Same amazing smell, so soothing and hydrating. Love this serum under my moisturizer. I have fairly dry, a teeny bit sensitive skin and this serum is the perfect combo with their All-Day moisturizer!