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PM Power Couple
Kelly Milione
My go to

I've used this combo for a while now and I'll never switch to anything else. They go great together

Midnight Magic PM Serum
Christine Seebon
Midnight Magic is an Accurate Name

I am on my second bottle of Midnight Magic. I've been delighted with the results. My skin is noticeably smoother, plumper and without breakouts. I love it. I'm using it with the moisturizer and then I use a daytime serum, too. I plan to buy it again and would highly recommend it!

My favorite product!

Iโ€™ve been using this nighttime lotion for over a year now and I absolutely love it! My skin feels very hydrated and it has helped clear up my acne๐Ÿฅณ. I highly recommend trying this product!

Great for sensitive skin

I have extremely sensitive and reactive skin. This is the first nighttime moisturizer that did not give me a rash or cause me to break out. I appreciate that it has no added fragrance as well. Works so well that I now feel more confident in trying some of the other products from Onekind.

Dream cream

BEST NIGHT CREAM EVER, my over 70 skin has never felt better. Rich but not greasy or heavy, a small dab is all you need

One. Of. Everything.
Elizabeth Valencia
One. Of. The. Best.

Just like the title says, this us one of the best skincare regimens I've ever used. My face went from dehydrated and oily to firm and rejuvenated. It's makes my skin glow like I just got a professional facial done. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a new skin care routine.

Amazing nighttime moisturizer!

I absolutely love this moisturizer. I love that it comes in a tube so you can squeeze it out onto your finger, it's very cushiony feel on your face and deposits lots of comfort and moisture to your skin. I have you so many different types of moisturizers from IT cosmetics, origins, clinique, lancome, and this has been my favorite. You will not be disappointed!

I want to like this, but...

It smells SUPER unpleasant, really sharp and, I dunno, grassy? I wanted to like it but I don't think I'll be able to keep using it, because I can't deal with the smell.

Hi Kristy,

We're sorry to see that you don't enjoy the scent that comes from the natural ingredients in our Glow Getter! We'd never want you to be left with a product that you aren't in love with. With any order you place with us, we have a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. So, we've gone ahead and refunded the full amount you paid for the product back to you!

Let us know if you have any questions.

The Onekind Team

New favorite lip balm

I just love it. The formula feels good on my lips, Iโ€™m happy there is SPF, and I love that itโ€™s clean. Thanks again Onekind for making another product that does the job beautifully.

love this oil?

so smooth and luxurious - smells incredible! someone told me to try this oil and i'm so glad i did - great moisture and brings a beautiful glow to my face. will definitely order more!!

Gently cleans

I have very sensitive skin and this takes make-up and spf 50 without irritation. Thanks!

Gentle but affective (a must-try)

Iโ€™m so happy with this product, I try to convince everyone looking for retinol to try it. Highly recommend the auto shipments - it always arrives just when I need it.

Itโ€™s so gentle you donโ€™t need to take โ€œoffโ€ days like with most retinol. After 2 years in LA I felt like I aged 5 years. This reset my skin so quickly, it really tightened and filled out fine lines.

Iโ€™ve only ever had 1 issue with a shipment and a rep (James) was super quick to respond and resolve things, replacing a package lost in transit. ๐Ÿ’•


I actually purchased this for my mother in-law and she loves this Dream Cream. Iโ€™ve gotten her so many other products but they were always too oily. We finally found her the perfect โ€˜Dream Creamโ€™โ€™!

Let It Glow Trio
Brittany Vickers
Really good

I tried this six or so months ago and I loved it. It was my first try at using retinol and I was nervous, but this product was great for my sensitive skin. Additionally, the clay mask is MAGIC for the under the skin zits I get around my cycle. I tried a few other lower cost options but I ended up back here to purchase this a second time because it felt the best for my skin and actually works. Iโ€™m hoping to adjust my budget to fit this in.

makes me happy!!!

I have turned many people onto this product. I have healed from a sun burn to feeling fresh and youthful. thank you can you bring the bigger bottle bag

The best!

I've been using the cream cleanser for a little over a week now and I love it! My skin feels so much softer and the face cloths that were included exfoliate extremely well. I'll definitely be purchasing this again.

Dreamiest Night Moisturizer

Living in a dryer climate, I find myself needing to apply excessive amounts of moisturizer to battle dry skin. This cream shocked me with how well it absorbs and keeps my face hydrated throughout the night without feeling heavy or that Iโ€™m ruining a pillowcase.

10/10 recommend ๐Ÿ’•

The best gentle cleanser!

I have dry and sensitive skin, and this cleanser has absolutely helped my skin! Not only does it combine your first and second cleanse into one step, but it has amazing ingredients such as apricot kernel oil which has really helped nourish my skin. When I use this cleanser my skin is not stripped at all! I also found that this does a great job of taking of makeup and breaking down sunscreen!

Lightweight eye cream

Love this eye cream, a little goes a long way. I've loved every product I've gotten from One Kind and was so excited when I saw they finally made eye cream. It's more of a gel feeling so this took a bit of getting used to, but my eyes feel great when I use it. I changed from using a cream based eye cream and am happy with the change


Dream cream has changed the way my skin looks in a major positive way! I am in my mid 40's and have suffered from acne prone skin. Not just the little zits...I'm talking cystic acne! My daughter didn't want hers out her Birchbox and gave me the small sample size and the first time I put it on my face, I knew I had stumbled on something good! Then I bought the first normal sized dream cream and fell in love!!! It not only helps with some dry patches I have on face and honestly, it prevents breakouts on me! I am now on my 2nd bottle of Dream Cream! This formula is a major game changer! Try it...you will love it!

Great lip balm

Love this lip balm - I had been looking for a clean lip balm with SPF, and this perfectly fit the bill.

Midnight Magic PM Serum
Michelle Briggs
Love the natural ingredients

I initially began using this serum because of its natural ingredients. I have allergies to several preservatives commonly used in cosmetics, detergents, lotions, etc, and loved the ingredient list of Midnight Magic. At age 54, Iโ€™m also trying to hold off wrinkles. I havenโ€™t taken any pictures or had any comments about skin changes, but I like it and plan to keep it in my skincare routine.

WOW! I didn't think I needed this, but...

I didn't think I needed a new face cleanser, but I received this as a gift from my partner and I literally said "WOW!" when I tried it for the first time. It feels like you're putting a moisturizer on your face-- very hydrating and smooth. Then, it washes away easily, and leaves you feeling SO clean and hydrated. Onekind, you guys keep blowing me away with every product you release. Well done!

Smells so good

I've been using this for a few weeks and I really like it. The smell is amazing and it feels great on my skin. I think my skin is brighter too!


I can't stop using this cleanser! For someone with extremely dry skin, this has been game changing for me. I finally feel like I can clean my face without stripping it of oils and making it drier than it already is. And the best part? It takes off makeup! The perfect 'one and done' product. No more wasting time on double cleansing, this cleanser does it all. I am already out of my first tube and will be repurchasing more ASAP! You 1000% need to try this cleanser!