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One. Of. Everything.
Jennifer Weiser
Threw everything else away

My friend was in town and shared the face oil. I loved it. I decided to bite the bullet and go for one of everything. I LOVE the products and how they work together. I can see and feel a difference in my skin texture. Even though I am older, my skin can still breakout when I use the wrong product. All is well with One Kind.

Great Combo!

This combo is great especially during the winter time when my skin gets really dry!

Wonderful Moisturizer!

I've been using OneKind products for over a year now and I love the results! This daily moisturizer is wonderful and keeps my face feeling soft all day long. It's light, non-greasy, and rubs right in. You literally only need a penny-sized drop to cover your whole face. A little goes a long way!


I have waited awhile to write this. This is a cream I will not live without. Plumps my skin. Heals small imperfections. I use a small amount sometimes as a primer. Love it!


I absolutely love this product. Perfect texture, weight and application. Really great prices as always from One Kind. Highly reccommend!!

Dream Cream Nighttime Moisturizer

I received this moisturizer last week, and I’m a fan! At 66, I had resigned myself to having leathery-feeling skin, but after one use of the Dream Cream Nighttime Moisturizer, my skin feels amazing! Will definitely repurchase, along with trying the serum.

The 💣.

Not only does this oil smell amazing, it is nourishing, doesn’t sit on top of the skin, and not greasy/oily! I am in love with this oil!

Really great

Has helped keep my dry and often flaky skin become and stay hydrated. I’ve noticed the moisture level in my skin increase with using this product. My face has a better glow and doesn’t look so dull. Soaks well into the skin without leaving an oily residue. If I’m feeling extra dry, I do add a tad more and it does take longer to soak into my skin but it takes the extra dryness away and I just do that at night when I’m home chilling on the couch. Does have a slight scent to it for those sensitive to smells (I personally enjoy the smell).

An Amazing Product

I received a tube of this in my first Ipsy bag! This is an amazing night cream. I am 60; I have beautiful skin, no wrinkles and very few fine lines, but I do have hyperpigmentation and super super dry skin. I put this product on and when I woke up in the morning, the fine lines in my glabella (the area between my eyebrows) did not show. My skin was so hydrated and glowy. It's my new favorite cream! :)

Day Glow Duo
Sandy Tobias
Soft and Smooth

I’m loving this combination for my morning routine. The serum is smooth and feels great going on. I really like the fresh scent. The lotion is heavy enough to add the needed moisture, but doesn’t feel thick or like it’s “too much.” I do need to add a little more moisture around my eyes later in the day, but over all this is a great combo.

A COViD silver lining

Being stuck in the house during the Covid lockdown, when it was still winter out there, my skin was being given the ‘dryness’ treatment and it didn’t like it. I tried the Golden State facial oil really just to moisturize my skin, but it did way more. Noticed I did not have to cover my face with make-up. My skin had such a healthy glow, I started just using that. Voila! It worked. No more having to match my skin tones to find the right expensive cover-up.

Loved it

I loved its texture and that my skin feels very hidrates after I have applied it


I got a sample from ipsy. I used it once and it really got rid of the texture and little bumps on my skin. I immediately felt tingling when i put it on. The mask is very thin and not drying at all. As i was rinsing it off, it felt oily. It works very well.

retinol that doesnt irritate my skin

usually i have really sensitive skin - i was kinda worried about having my face red or irritated, but it's been totally smooth since i started using this :)

Great product!

I've been using the Midnight Magic PM Serum for a few months now and just purchased my second bottle because I truly feel like my skin is the best it has been in months with this product! It was so easy to incorporate it into my nightly routine.

Shine bright like a Diamond.

I’m glowing like never before. I’m loving this product. Thank you dream cream for making me look fabulous.

Amazing for redness

I have ongoing issues with redness in my face and this has helped SO much. It feels amazing and instantly calms my skin when I put it on at night. Wonderful product, thank you so much!

Great Serum!

I really like this serum. Have to be careful not to use too much or it will make your skin feel a tad greasy, which I made that mistake on the first two uses. It does soak well into the skin, if not overdone, and it leaves skin feeling nourished. There is definitely a glow and healthier look to the skin. I would definitely purchase this again. It's holy grail to find a serum that doesn't cause more break outs for me!

Midnight Magic PM Serum
Kellie Homovich
Love this!

I have not found a retinol serum to use until now. This serum is gentle and does not irritate your skin, especially for those of us with sensitive skin. It's refreshing. I wake up in the morning and my skin looks and feels 1000000% better than the night before. Paired with the night cream, it's complete magic in a bottle. I will absolutely re-purchase when this bottle runs out.

So far so great after ten days of use

It's only been ten days of use, but so far so great! I use a bit more than a pea size amount every night after cleansing and it keeps my dry skin moisturised throughout the night and into the next morning which is when I apply a moisturising sunscreen. It absorbs fairly quickly and doesn't feel greasy. I've occasionally used a bit extra in the afternoon or right before bed if I see a dry spot on my face, but I haven't needed to do that much because the cream has been working well. My skin has been feeling really smooth lately and it hasn't broken me out. The smell doesn't read as herbal to me at all as another review said. It reminds me a lot of Nivea and dissipates quickly - I don't mind it at all, and I'm quite sensitive to smells, particularly so close to my nose. Overall, it's been working great for me so far!


Amazing products. Left my skin hydrated and very refreshing

The power of free samples

Here's a classic example of a product speaking for itself. I got a little charcoal tube of night cream in a sample box. Never read the name or ingredients. Tried it one night and loved it. Emptied the sample bottle after a couple weeks and then decided to hunt it down to buy more. I can't read the little print. But when I ran out, I made it a point to learn the name "ONEKIND DREAM CREAM". I ordered a full sized tube. I seldom do that. I have combo skin - dry on the cheeks and oily on the T. This goes on beautifully and absorbs quickly. But the true test is the next morning - my skin was moisturized, not greasy, hydrated and soft. I love this! I believe it will be a staple in my skin care line-up. I don't see why I cannot use this during the day. I bet it would be a great base for my sunscreen foundation.

A Perfect Moisturizer!

I have been in the market for a great moisturizer for my aging skin, and believe me, I have tried many. Dream Cream felt lovely going on and in the morning, my face felt soft, not dry and not greasy….it felt just right. I look forward to long-term results from this cream as I continue to use it. Thanks, so much!!

Love this cream

Goes on great and it makes my skin feel hydrated and rejuvenated.

One. Of. Everything.
Christine McLaren
I love one of everything!

I first tried the Dream Cream moisturizer, then the Midnight Magic & Pep Squad. I loved everyone so I ordered the One. Of. Everything. The whole line is absolutely wonderful! I'm 57 years old & my skin hasn't felt this good in years!