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Very moisturizing, non irritating

I love this moisturizer because it glides on and absorbs easily and I don’t need more than a pea sized drop for my whole face. It’s also considered clean which is a huge win for me. I wish, however, that these tubes came in larger sizes. Since it’s meant to be used nightly and has an 18 month “use by” date after opening, there’s no reason this can’t be made in sizes larger than 50ml which can go pretty quickly. A higher quantity option is better for the environment all around - less packaging and less transit waste than having to buy 2+ tubes.

Daughter’s Favorite

I go this product in an Ipsy bag and I let my daughter try it since she likes the smell. She absolutely loved it so I looked the website up and now I have it subscription. She has dry skin and when she wakes up her face still feels moisturized. It’s a must-have staple for her.


Been using this for about a week an my skin looks brighter each day! I love the consistency of the cream as well - it's not too oily or thick and goes on easily over my other nightime products. I'be been impressed with it so far and will definitely be checking ou other products from this brand because of it.

Hmmmm, not really sure

I've used nearly the whole tube and I am not sure I see any difference. Debating on buying more, and at this price, probably won't. Not sure what supposedly makes this product so special.

Love it!

I love using this product at night. It has helped my skin and I appreciate that it is not oily!

Live the Dream

I am 47 and have sensitive (really sensitive ) skin. I'm cautious about new skin products as they can wreak havoc on my visage. The onekind Dream Cream Nighttime Moisturizer is amazing. It feels a little heavy when I put it on before bedtime, however I wake up with smooth and soft skin. I even find that if I had any irritations on my skin the previous day, they are gone in the morning. My skin is radiant and I can forgo makeup without feeling self-conscious. The smell is light and doesn't overwhelm.

New fav!

I decided to try this nightly moisturizer after my previous one became too heavy/oily for my skin. I have very sensitive, reactive skin, so I’m always hesitant to try new products but I’m so glad I took the leap! This moisturizer is the perfect combo for me: light enough to melt right into my skin after toner/serum, thick enough to give me overnight hydration but without clogging my pores or breaking me out. I use a pea sized amount which is plenty for me and my skin feels noticeably softer in the morning—AND it smells great!

Smells great!

Wanted to love it but it dries out my skin more than gives me a moisturized feeling. Will continue to use it as it's not the worst moisturizer I've used.

No dry skin at night

I combine a dab of the Nighttime Moisturizer with face oil for a wonderful feel on my skin. I live in Colorado--very dry here. I love this product.

Has Unhealthy Canola Oil ingredient

I read in the ingredients list that this moisturizer has Canola oil in it which is entirely man made and a known carcinogen. Do you all have plans to change out this ingredient for something healthy?

Hi Sarah!

We sure appreciate your concern for using quality ingredients.

The research surrounding the issues with Canola Oil is related to its use during cooking and/or oral consumption, particularly when heated to a high flash point. Research and testing show that it is perfectly safe for use when applied as a moisturizer. As a topical ingredient, it is proven to be very beneficial for the skin, as it is loaded with essential fatty acids and rich in vitamin K, C, E, and antioxidants.

Hope that helps! Always feel free to let us know if you have any questions by reaching out to us at

Customer Service

First I would like to say thanks to James B. for the awesome customer service provided in tracking my order.

I have been using the dream cream for a little over 3 weeks. And, noticed the difference in my skin day 1. My face feels so soft and smooth since I started using. I have noticed a glow. Great product.

dream cream

I absolutely LOVE this stuff!! So creamy, it feels so velvety when you smooth it on. My skin feels amazing!

Feels so good on the face

I can't see any changes, but I love how my skin feels. I am 76 and have used almost everything on the market. So I don't think at this stage in my life there is much hope of any changes in the wrinkles. But this creme leaves my face feeling so soft, I don't want to go back to the other cremes. I like that it is so light, no strong smell, no greasy feel, and when I wake up my face feels so soft.

Divine feel on my face

I have never spent much time considering moisturizer as I always regarded them as very much the same. One Kind is the exception that proves the rule. I live in dry, dry Colorado. I use a toner and a very small drop of One Kind moisturizer and my face feels soft and smooth all day. A little goes a long way and I am now a fan!

Loving the dream cream

From the first time I put the night cream on my face, I loved it - the smooth-rich feel, the smell, everything about it. I noticed an improvement in the skin around my eyes. I also see a softening of the lines around my mouth. I will definitely buy this cream again. I was impressed with the size of the sample that was sent. It was very generous and enough to see results. Thank you Onekind!!

Won’t go without it!

This is by far my favorite part of my skincare routine. My face just drinks this up. It smells wonderful, feels luxurious and doesn’t cause any issues. Does just what they say. It’s simply fabulous.

Love This!

This is the perfect moisturizer. It settles on the skin and does not sit on top, also it is not greasy. So easy to apply makeup after using Multitasker!

Love the Dream Cream!

This Dream Cream is so luxurious and I love using it in the evening to moisturize my skin. This is the first time I've used a cream that is this good and helping me to get smooth skin again without the flakiness. I use so little that it's not even the size of a pea and it gets the job done. I'm so glad to have it!

Light and Gentle

The moisturizer goes on very smooth and doesn’t leave thick areas, like some other’s. Overall I love the light feeling on my face and the restorative look, I receive, in the morning.

Dream Cream Nightime Moisturizer is a DREAM!

Immediately after I started using this moisturizer, I saw and felt a difference! I didn’t have a huge problem with my skin, but thought it a good idea to use it to cleanse the daily air pollution and skin irritants away. The first morning after I applied it the night before, my facial skin felt moist and plumper! I love this product!!!


It feels kind of dry, not rich or creamy. Nothing bad about this, but I'm used to something that feels more moisturizing for a "night cream". I have normal / combo skin.

The Best Things I've Done For My Skin This Year

I've been using the Dream Cream for several months, and just added the Midnight Magic Serum to my routine. My skin is smoother and softer. I haven't noticed a huge difference in my fine lines yet, but I'm just gradually easing into my use of the serum because this is the first time I've used retinol, and I'm optimistic about it! Would definitely recommend!

Perfect over retinols

I'm over 50 and a regular user of prescription retinol. Typically I will use a simple moisturizer over my nightly application of retinol, but lately I've been using the Onekind instead and the AM results are great! The combination of ingredients leaves my skin soft, smooth and even-toned. I really enjoy the results. I like the simple packaging and the smell and texture of the product are delicate.

Love this Cream

I love this Dream Cream. The ingredients are fantastic and it goes on beautifully. I wish the tube was a little bigger…. It is expensive but worth it.

Nice moisturizer!

Like how well it moisturizes without feeling greasy.
Also works as a hand cream!