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Great buy!

Was pleasantly surprised with the value and this forced me to try some new things. I already use several items from the line regularly so I figured worst case, I get products I already use! I had yet to try the cleanser, mask or eye cream but had wanted to. This was an awesome buy and I’d do it again! I really like the mask and use it once a week. The cleanser is fine, I have another I like more but might buy this again. The Acid/Youth drops were already in my routine- love this product. The eye cream seems fine so far, I will likely repurchase.

Works great and feels great! Not smelly or greasy. YAY!

This moisturizer is so hydrating and creamy, yet lightweight! I love putting this on at night knowing that I will wake up with my skin glowy.

Consistently gentle on my very sunscreen sensitive skin

Good eye balm

I’m still only a few weeks in but I am enjoying the eye balm. It is hydrating, non irritating to the eyes or skin around the eyes. I do not have very dark circles so time will tell if the brightening affect takes place. But overall I’ve enjoyed this product so far.

So good

I love this moisturizer so much! Initially for day time I thought it was “too thick” but the product does absorb nicely within a few minutes. I have combo dry skin, with a lot of sensitivity to cosmetic products, and have had no breakouts and my dry patches are getting better. I will definitely be buying again!

My last step of the evening

I use the onekind dream cream as my last step in my regiment and it is very moisturizing. I honestly feel that my skin and complexion have improved since using all the onekind products and I have not been so optimistic about a brand for years. I’m sticking with it!

Great Father’s Day gift

A lovely gift that was much appreciated

Very nice

I typically don’t like tinted SPF, but decided to try this one because the write-up made it sound better. It goes on very smooth, absorbs quickly, and doesn’t leave any film. It’s sort of like rubbing cream on my face. And it doesn’t rub off on my clothes. I do like this SPF and intend to buy it again.

Noticeable difference

I have dry, sensitive skin and saw a noticeable difference after using this. When I woke up in the morning my skin felt hydrated and plumped. And it has only gotten better with continued use. I'm sold!

Love the smell!!! Makes my skin feel hydrated. Highly recommend.

Midnight Magic PM Serum
Laura VanderToolen
Not sure

I want to give 5 stars, but one of my kiddos opened the bottle and spilled 90% of it. But the amount in had left felt amazing on my face.

Very impressive

I have used so many eye creams over many years. This cream has exceeded my expectations. On mornings when I have not slept well, my eyes are very puffy. This cream eliminates that and more. I am seeing a big improvement in wrinkles also. So happy with the results!

Love this product

I reorder this moisturizer and signed up for the subscription I like it so much. A little goes a long way and provides full coverage. I have some dry patches and it moisturizes those areas as well as the rest of my face. Provides a great base for make up or to go barefaced.

Golden oil!

I love Golden State Facial Oil. I haven’t used a face oil in years but have fallen in love with this product. Even love it alone during the day.

Gentle but effective

I began using this serum at the recommendation of my aesthetician and have been so pleased. In the past I have been hesitant to use any products with retinol due to skin sensitivity but this gives me the results I want without any harsh side effects.

I done got got

I got it because it was free. Now I'm going to keep buying it. I've been looking for a night time moisturizer for the longest time, but they always feel sticky or oily or thick as mud. This solved ALL of those problems. You've made a fan over here.

Great product- too thick, though

As with all onekind products, and I use many, I love everything about this product except that I find it too thick, and therefore a little difficult to apply smoothly. I actually had to stop using the eye cream (Ultra Brightening Eye Balm), which I thought was a fantastic moisturizer, because of this thickness issue- I'm sure I was doing more damage to the delicate skin around my eyes in applying it than the benefits of the cream could overcome. I really wish onekind would remedy this characteristic of so many of its products and also offer larger sizes of each one. I will keep buying them, at least for now, though.

Good product, bad smell

The product works well at sun protection. I didn’t break out as with most other products I’ve tried. However, I really don’t care for the “chemically” smell.

Love texture and results

Love the texture especially for my morning use. While clean living helps…the use of this product does make a difference with my crows feet.

24 Hour skin care handled with these 2 products

Of course I use several other One Kind skin care products in combination with these essential Day and Night moisturizers, but these 2 are essential for the look and feel of of healthy and moisturized skin that I love.


Midnight Magic made a difference right away, making my skin smoother and more supple. Using it a couple years now with the Dream Cream, I have seen so much improvement. I have aging acne prone skin, and it’s been so great to find a serum like this doesn’t make my skin break out.

Great Product!

This product is a regular in my skin care routine. I think it helps my 56 year old eyes stay looking fresh and moisturized. It’s pretty thick, so before I pat it under my eyes I use my index fingers to warm it up.

Light feeling moisture

So far I like this nighttime moisturizer. It feels nice and not heavy to put on. In the morning my skin feels and looks moisturized. I like that there’s no fragrance and doesn’t contain silicone.

Goes on smoothly

I am very picky about sunblock. Living in Phoenix requires daily attention to protecting my skin from the sun. This serum spreads smoothly. I only use it on my cheeks and use non tinted of another brand elsewhere on my face. It spreads very evenly and seems to take red tints away but doesn’t look pasty. I have had comments on how good my skin looks since I started using it. I definitely recommend it!