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Skin feeling so smooth

I love this product. I tried it because I had a discount code, and I will for sure be buying it once it runs out again!! Love it!

Love it! Doesn't sting sensitive skin, has a soft fresh scent and is not greasy. My face feels so soft in the morning! One of the best moisturizers I've used.

Before and after!

The before photo is the one with my hair down! The after photo is the one with my hair up! As you can see my skin is much more red and sensitive in the before photo. I’ve used onekind moisturizer every night for just 3 weeks and have already noticed a change in overall redness and sensitivity. It’s dry season and I have been feeling moisturized! I love the scent as well and you only have to use a pea sized, so the bottle will last a long time!

Love the moisture content of this night cream. Not too heavy but feels rich and Lucious! Love it!

Hydrating Protection

I play golf, the solardrops SPF 50, gives me great protection through 9holes. It is a hydrating formula with a slightest
tint, which works well for me.

So good!

I've had a really hard time finding a good moisturizer that doesn't break my skin out, and this is perfect! I use in the AM as well under sun screen.

I love the way this regime feels. My face does not feel dry at all.

PM Power Couple
Janet Martin
Great product!

I've really been enjoying both of these products. I have been using them at night, and my skin feels great in the morning!

Amazing moisturizer

I use this under my make up and also at night after I wash my face. I love this cream and will order again. Non greasy just soft dewy skin

Great Product and Results

Smooth application and finish, not greasy or sticky. Velvety, rich and luxurious results.

Great cream

This cream makes my skin so soft. And thats a hard thing to do on this 65 year old skin.

Not too heavy and truly works

Love how it goes on creamy no greasiness

Absolute PERFECT day moisturizer

LOVE Mega Multitasker. Perfect weight, perfect balance, deeply moisturizing while absorbing well and without residue. I wear over Glow Getter or other serum and under Solardrops. My skin has never felt or looked better!

No thanks !

I Was so excited to use it after I had read about the product. After consistently using it I was faced with blotchy red bumps on my cheeks and forehead. So a big no thanks. It was a big kind of scarey disappointment. After going back to my usual "go to products " my skin cleared back up.

Hey Lisa,
Thank you for giving our Dream Cream a try. We're sorry to see that it hasn't been the best fit for you. We appreciate and value your feedback.
The Onekind Team

All Day Moisturizer found!

I'm just starting my second tube of Mega Multitasker all day moisturizer and am happy to report that it does what its name suggests.
I live in Florida so I use it in daily combo with Solardrops and feel confident that I'm doing the best job possible for my many years older than yours skin!!

Daily Lifesave

Love how this product glides on and is quickly absorbed. The bottle lasts longer than you would think. This has become part of my morning routine.

For women?

Hi I bought this shampoo and just noticed it says “ for men”. I’m a woman with long hair. Can I use it? Is there another one for women? I appreciate your answer 💇‍♀️💦🙏

Love Dream Cream!

I am very low maintenance and use very little on my face. I started using a sample of Dream Cream and realized how sad I was when it was gone so I had to buy a full size one. I know it is suppose to be a nighttime cream, but I use it morning and night. It goes on so smoothly and absorbs quickly, which I love when I’m hurrying to put my makeup on in the morning. This is my new favorite cream to put on my face!!!!

wanted to love it!

I so wanted to love it! I love the texture of the dream cream and thought my skin would too. But, unfortunately, it caused lots of breakouts. So, it is not going to work for me. I even stuck with it for a few weeks, thinking my skin would calm down, but it did not improve. Bummer.

Hey LJ,
Thank you for giving our Dream Cream a try. We're sorry to see that it hasn't been the best fit for you. We appreciate and value your feedback.
The Onekind Team

Top Men's Cologne!!

I've been a fan of this cologne for the last 2 years and everyone (Especially women!) who gets close enough to me remarks at how nice I smell.

Great product!

My skin feels so smooth after using the cream. I use it morning and night to moisturize my dry skin.

Lovely, effective nighttime routine

I love the texture, which is creamy and soothing. I have dry (mature!) skin, and OneKind’s Dream Cream sinks right in and locks in plenty of moisture. My face feels so smooth and soft in the morning! I could see a difference after only a few nights of use. I highly recommend this!