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Most effective moisturizer I have used in years. Extremely happy with it and will definitely purchase again.


This product is light and feels refreshing on the skin I love the effect it leaves as well. It’s great for brightening and moisturizing.

Great retinol for sensitive skin

Love this retinol! I've only been using for about a month and can't speak to differences from other retinols I've used in the past yet. However, it's very helpful with minor breakouts and helps to clear them up quicker! Love using this with Dream Cream on top.


It goes grest with the night dream cream. Apply at night and you skin in am feels so soft. Really nice. I have used the cream before the resurfacing serum cam out. The cream is just as wonderful alone or under makeup. Thank you. Rate a 5

Love it

Very nice on the skin. I have more of a glow, and the rash I had around my mouth is healing. Will definitely try other products. Best thing...this brand is clean. No chemicals or animal products.

Love it!

So, on an introductory price reduction whim, I thought: "not much to lose, so try it."

Boy am I glad I did! I rarely write reviews but this Dream Cream is wonderful. Saw better looking skin the first night. Not greasy. Pores and fine wrinkles are reduced. I used to use Clinique Smart Night but I am definitely converting over to Dream Cream 👍👍

This stuff IS really, very, good!!

I was skeptical about the product because of the low cost but I gave it a try. Better, yes, actually more than better than my expensive (pretty good) products that I was using. So, using is believing!! Thanks 😊

Yes, this product works

I've used it for about a week. I'm seeing some improvement in the skin of my neck (the only place I am using this product). It is slightly less droopy and the skin is much softer.


Nice texture, nice fragrance. Didn't break me out or have any negative impact on my skin. But I didn't see any difference after using exclusively for 2 weeks.

Less acne, well-moisturized

I've been using the Dream cream for about 3 weeks now and have noticed a decrease in acne on my chin and the redness of my cystic acne has also decreased overall. I've also been using the acid drops every other night. I hope that, with time, the dark spots will fade as well. Otherwise, it feels really light on my skin and I don't feel like I need to wash it off in the morning, unlike other thick creams. Will definitely purchase again!

Feels & smells great!

This is so light but leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized nearly all day. I love the light scent and it doesn’t linger so I don’t get sick of it. A little goes a long way.


Feeling the glowwww ✨ goes on light, and melts into the skin perfectly! Not greasy at all I am very impressed Definitely recommend . Give it a try :)

24/7 Perfect Pair
Jessica Tailer
My favorite duo!

As someone who likes things low maintenance for my skincare routine, this duo is great! It's simple, quick, and easy. I love that the products are for either gender and last a long time. They don't feel greasy and leave my skin feeling soft! No harsh smells or chemicals either. I highly recommend!

What Solardrops will “ dew “ for you

Take my word for it: if you want soft dewy skin that lasts all day, adding this product to your serums and moisturizers is a MUST! I feel so pampered! Usually after a few hours I can feel my skin losing its moisture. But since I’ve been using Solardrops it literally lasts ALL DAY and I feel like a superhero knowing I’m protecting my skin from sun damage. This product really ups your skincare regime!

Best I have tried, ever!

Not greasy or sticky,. Disappears quickly. Awesome smell.

Light and love it!

I have been using this nightly before bed and love how soft my skin is in the morning. TRY IT!

cream of my dreams

it's been a while since i've tried a new skincare product but i'm loving the dream cream. it goes on without a greasy feel, absorbs quicky and i feel like i'm already noticing a difference in my skin's appearance in the morning. i'll definitely purchase again.

Very nice cream

I have very sensitive very dry skin and this cream has not made my skin break out or react. It smells really nice and doesn’t feel heavy. I pair it with oil and it feels soft. I haven’t seen a change in my skin but it’s keeping my skin consistent.

finally got rid of my dark circles

I love this masks! They are so good to unwind and get rid of the tired eyes that I normally wake up with. Will keep buying forever! Nice gift for family and friends, too. So cool that they are reusable...


I have used this dream cream now for 4 days. I LOVE the way it feels! Other moisturizers have not taken care of the flakes of dry skin but this sure did! I loved it so much I have used it day and night. I don’t know if it will even out my skin tone over long term use but I hope so. This does not leave my face greasy throughout the day and feels like silk when dry.

Highly recommend

I've had a tough time finding the right moisturizer for my sensitive skin and this one has been working so well! I love waking up with refreshed, brightened skin.

Love the way it feels!

This duo is the real deal! My skin feels refreshed in the morning after using the dream cream, and the day cream is the perfect weight to keep my skin hydrated through the day without out feeling heavy or greasy. Love the botanical scent too!


I've really enjoyed this moisturizer and love the smell. My boyfriend loves it so much that he's been stealing it at night. I have noticed a nice glow to my skin when I wake up in the morning.

Seriously the Best

I tried this cream a few years ago and didn’t repurchase bc of the price point but gave it another shot and and it’s seriously the best. It moisturizes without aggravating my sensitive slightly acne prone skin. It smells so good and doesn’t feel greasy. I do wish it cost less but will probably purchase again bc it’s really great.

I keep loving this company more and more

I decided to blindly try new products by a brand I had just discovered....I loved all of them...this is a wonderful company making fabulous products...don't hesitate..they have all been delightful to use.